About Us

Moldo sports is a brand of V.G.Sales was founded in 1996. Moldo is manufacturesand importer of high quality synthetic, rubber, artificial grass, vinyl and sports flooring suitable for all indoor & outdoor sports surfacing market and we specialize in indoor & outdoor Sports flooring Surfaces..

We develops, designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor sport flooring and equipments. We have supplied the tracks and provided the technical and logistical support for a long time. Like these athletes, Moldo strives to overcome limitations and improve performance.

How? By investing in research and development and focusing on the values that have always set us apart : a will to experiment and tenacity and determination to see each challenge through.

As Moldo Sports We deliver our wide range of products across the country where great lover of sports exists. Due to lack of proper and perfect playing surfaces and training facilities, our country has been unable to produce world champions on regular basis. To cover up this problem, we offer perfectly designed sports surfaces which help playing games easily.

Our Synthetic based products are design for Outdoor sports Surfaces. These surfaces are made of new technologies and high standards for minimal maintenance. We take exclusive care of impact of the floor on the body to avoid injuries.