Indoor Sports Flooring

Moldo Vinyl Flooring

Moldo vinyl flooring products have following characteristics

5 to 10 year warranty
Multiple thickness: 4.5, 6.5 and 8.3 mm
PUR coating
Widely accepted and meeting all standards for sports flooring
Advantage of the floor: multi purpose use and price to quality ratio
Amazing look and feel with smooth finish
Durable and cost efficient with almost zero maintenance

Uses : Gym , Yoga Center ,Spa center , indoor Badminton and Basketball court / Multipurpose halls. www.moldosports.

Moldo PU Flooring

Moldo PU flooring has following characteristics

Specialized high end floor with SBR bas
Excellent finish ,Optimum strength and Mesmerizing design
Different thickness from 6 MM to 15 MM thick
Meets all sport flooring norms
Warranties of 3 to 5 years
Advantage of the floor: great protection for athletes and seamless flooring

Uses : Gym , Yoga Center ,Spa center , indoor Badminton and Basketball court / Multipurpose halls.

Moldo Wooden Sports Flooring

Moldo Sports wooden flooring has following characteristics

Approved and certified product with international quality
Warranty of 7 to 15 years
Multiple thickness with different finishes including engineered and solid wood top surfaces
Specialized rubber padding
Different wood species to choose from with primary focus on maple and oak
Advantage of the floor: durability
minimum maintenance
shine – smooth look and feel

Moldo Rubber Flooring

Moldo rubber flooring has following characteristics

Green product with the ability to recycle
Multiple thickness from 8mm to 50 mm thick and higher
Warranties of over 5 years
Usage can be weighlifting areas, yoga/pilates, skating rinks
Comes in roll and tile format
Multiple color options
Advantage of the floor: durability and green characteristics